Down, Maggie, Down – Maggie O’Connell Smack Down: A contest in the spirit of Offside’s Die, Daddy C, Die.

Maggie's been a pain in Edward and Bella's side for chapters now, and it is only getting worse! Walking in on them while they were having sex? Giving Bella smug looks? And she's sneaking in somehow, but no one knows how! She's playing Edward, trying to cause a rift between our newlyweds, and get her claws back in what she thinks is her man.

You hate her, and that’s okay. You want to punch her, go ahead. You want to destroy her, well here’s your chance!

Seeing as only Catastrophia knows what is actually going to happen to her, here is your chance to tell everyone how YOU would end Maggie.

As I said, in the spirit of Die, Daddy C, Die, we're going to have some fun writing how to get rid of Maggie. You don't have to kill her, but she does need to pay for all of the havoc she creates in our couples lives.

So, get your thinking caps on!! Bella beating the shit out of her, Edward threatening her, the media trashing her, her career crumbling, or how she meets her untimely demise. Your call!

Write a one-shot based on Me and Mr. Cullen post chapter 20, where she’s still sneaking in, and then go to town on how you would ruin her, end her career, end her life…whatever!

Rules -

1. Must be a one-shot and remain a one-shot. This premise is used by permission of the Me and Mr. Cullen author for this contest only. Expanding to other areas, POVs, etc. of Me and Mr. Cullen is not acceptable.
2. Minimum length of 1000 words, not including: headline, disclaimer, ANs, etc.
3. May or may not include any smut, but make sure to assign an appropriate rating.
4. Any POV is acceptable, including but not limited to characters objects or whatever your imagination and creativity allow!
5. Beta readers highly suggested. Use your best editing, grammar, punctuation. Entries will be screened.
6. Serious (what you really think will happen based on characters from Me and Mr. Cullen), OOC and crack-fics are all acceptable. Actually, most anything goes.
7. Collaborations welcome
8. Multiple entries allowed
9. Authors must be 18+ only, please

Popular vote will determine the winner.

Please include author’s notes/header with the following information -

Contest : Down, Maggie, Down


You can start now!!

Entries accepted from November 7th to December 2nd

Voting Begins December 5th and runs through December 9th.

WINNERS announced on December 10th Via the blog:

Submissions can be sent to:


Bragging rights
Banners for the top 3 popular vote winners made by the fabulous LVTwilight09
Grand Prize winner also gets a signed copy of Breach, due out in December.

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